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Sustainable Construction in the Tropical Humid Zone

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The tropical zone is home to about half of the world's population. Much of this zone enjoys a relatively mild humid climate. Vernacular architectures were able to take advantage of the climate and local materials to produce comfortable buildings that meet the needs of the occupants. Unfortunately, this environmentally friendly approach has become quite rare in modern construction. The current underlying trend is rather towards a standardized, globalist and non-contextualized architecture, and an immoderate use of concrete, glass and metal. And finally, one frequently sees outdoor units of air conditioners covering the facades of many buildings.

This 1st edition of the MOOC offers to reverse this trend by providing an update of the bioclimatic principles relevant to the tropical humid zones, giving a panoramic vision of the disciplines to be mastered for designing a sustainable building. This MOOC will be presented in English; some parts of the MOOC will, however, be accessible in local languages for participants from Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam.

A MOOC in French on the same topic has been presented by ADEME in the past, designed by Solener Consulting (and 6 experts) with the support of MOOC Unow Agency.